Expert looking at safety of sports centre steps

By Surrey and Hants News in Other News

Everyone Active is taking steps to improve the safety of the metal staircase between the lower car park and Alton Sports Centre.

This follows complaints from centre users - including Rosemary Dibb of Four Marks, who wrote to the Alton Post Gazette.

She said: “The current state of the metal steps outside Alton Sports Centre is dangerous, if not lethal.

“I have had innumerable conversations and sent many emails regarding the state of these steps for two years now, since August 2015.

“Each official listens, and each one does nothing, except for an abortive attempt earlier this year when the rain washed away the paint.

“They are particularly dangerous in rain and extremely slippery when wearing trainers - which is common, strangely!

“In these two years, I have seen membership costs rise, bunting displayed and internal walls painted. But it’s the metal steps that need a protective paint.

“This sports centre is used by a wide range of ages, toddlers to health and fun club members, and everyone deserves to enjoy a safe environment.

“It is unacceptable that Everyone Active is prepared to compromise on public safety because they don’t want to spend money on maintaining a building that is destined to become defunct.”

Speaking on Friday, Pratik Sallan, Everyone Active’s general manager at Alton Sports Centre, said: “We are aware of the concerns that have been raised over the surface of the outdoor steps in wet weather.

“The safety of our customers is our top priority, and the steps have been designed to ensure they are non-slip in all weather.

“We have, however, listened to customer feedback and an independent contractor is attending the site on Friday [August 11] to assess the steps.

“If further improvements can be made using an anti-slip paint coating, one will be applied. A period of three to five days of dry weather would be needed to carry out the repainting.

“Everyone Active is committed to the improvement of sports and leisure facilities in Alton. This includes investment in the existing facilities so that they continue to meet our high standards of safety.

“We’d like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused if repainting takes place, and remind customers that the site can be accessed from the top car park without climbing any steps.”